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Monfort Cemetery   /  Port Restoration Project


The Cow Neck Peninsula Historical Society (CNPHS) and the Town of North Hempstead (TONH) are uniting the community to preserve and honor our Colonial and American Revolutionary legacy at Monfort Cemetery. 


Located at the crossroads of Port Washington Boulevard and Main Street, Monfort Cemetery (1737-1892) is recognized on the National Registry of Historic Landmarks and contains 151 grave sites of early Dutch and English settlers, including 9 patriots of the American Revolution.


This legacy should be preserved, maintained and honored by creating the one-acre site as an outdoor, publicly accessible education center in the Town of North Hempstead.


History of Monfort cemetery

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For more information, please contact:

Barbara Cohen

Co-Chair, Port Restoration Project

Monfort Cemetery


Patricia Ryan Lampl
Co-Chair, Port Restoration Project
Monfort Cemetery

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