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Virtual Costume & Culture Exhibition

Where could you find:
Abraham Lincoln’s Great Coat?
John Philip Sousa’s Parade Coat?
Costumes from The Great Gatsby movie?
Wedding Dresses galore?
Plus gowns, tuxedos, hats, undergarments, parasols, accessories and more?
At the Sands-Willets House, in Port Washington, New York!

2020 Update


Our 2015 exhibition, “Costume & Culture: Our Heritage, Our Fashion” with its extended 6-month run, is once again available for your viewing as a 360° panoramic tour. You can now wander around the Sands-Willets House and explore the exhibit in detail, without leaving home. Keep a few things in mind:

  • New clickable "i" icons allow you to read the individual captions and informational panels at your own pace.

  • Glowing red circles lead you from room to room (or use the thumbnails on the left.) 

  • NOTE: This panoramic tour can be enjoyed from your laptop or desktop computer, your tablet, and even your phone!

  • All 9 rooms can now be enjoyed at your leisure!

Jump into the 360-degree panotour here!

Read the docent notes for the individual rooms: 

Brooks Brothers Gallery

The Gatsby Era


American Dress to the 1850s


American Dress 1860 to the 1910s


The Shirtwaist


Sports and Uniforms


Yachting, Lingerie Dresses, Feathers & Fur


The Boudoir


A Century of Wedding Dresses


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skip to this week's 

360 Panotour

We hope you enjoy the exhibition!

Joan DeMeo Lager, Curatorial Director

Christopher Bain, President: photography, website, and 360-panotour

Betty Mintz, Trustee: graphic panels, Exhibition Art Director

Fred Blumlein, Trustee: caption panels

April / May / June 2020

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