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Recent Acquisitions-2023

Robert Jacobi-map-front_1000px.jpg

In 1922 or 1923 a young local Boy Scout named Robert Jacobi was working on projects that would gain him merit badges. Robert's family had only recently moved to Port Washington from Little Neck, in nearby Queens, settling into a home on Vanderventer Avenue. Young Robert also found a home in local Scout Troop #7 where he earned his many merit badges.

One such project was to draw a map of Port Washington, carefully traced from the "Directory Map." Early local phone directories included such maps, a practice that phone companies kept up until the end of the 20th century.

Robert's map measured 9" x 11-3/4" and has been folded in an envelope for all the interceding  decades. In early 2023 his family donated the map to the Cow Neck Peninsula Historical Society, where it has been sleeved in an ultra-clear archival polyester sleeve and kept flat between two 11"x14" archival boards. It is being accessioned and will compliment our growing collection of local maps.

A close look reveals many interesting landmarks from the 1920s:

  • Flower Hill School, where the PW Police Station would be built.

  • Beacon Hill, but no Monfort Hills yet!

  • "New School" shown where Campus Drive and the new Flower Hill School and Weber would soon be built.

  • The Park section up to Fairview, but no Revere Road or Salem yet!

  • No Willowdale Bridge yet!

  • A cross representing St. Peter of Alcantara Church, but no Eastern Crest, and no Harbor Acres... likely still farm land.

  • Lots more gems to find!

The map will find its way into our Scouting Collection, on display at the Sands-Willets House.

Robert Jacobi-map-rev.jpg
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