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360 Degree PanoTour of Port Washington

Here we present several dozen panoramic views of Port Washington, taken from our Then & Now Column.  If you are already familiar with the way this operates, proceed and be amazed!

360-degree pano tour

of Port Washington

Overview & Instructions

  • This 360 degree panoramic tour was photographed and assembled by Chris Bain throughout the Port Washington area.

  • This is best experienced on a desktop or laptop, with your sound on (tablets work too, with fewer features).

  • It doesn't work on a phone.  

  • Click & Drag your cursor to steer the view to the left, the right, up, down, or watch it slowly rotate.

  • On the left side of your screen are thumbnail pictures from each area.  Hover your cursor over each and a text will pop up telling you where you can travel to.

  • When you see a pulsing circle, you have spotted a hotspot, which is a magical link to another place.  Hover your cursor over it and a text box will pop up telling where the next “click” will take you. But first look around: you are virtually standing on that spot in Port, so take a moment to take in the view,

  • Tablets: This entire tour also works on a tablet, but since you can't hover over an area to get the text box pop-up feature, you don’t know where you are traveling to next, so use the thumbnails.

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