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The Lutheran Church of Our Savior

The Lutheran Church of Our Savior


     They are a community.

     They believe.

     They build.

This is the power of faith. Or more accurately the beauty of faith. The story of The Lutheran Church of Our Savior is one of determination, fortitude and love.


As in practically all meaningful endeavors, its beginnings were humble. The first Lutheran Service in Port Washington was held on the afternoon of October 10, 1915, in a rented space at Odd Fellows Hall at 12 South Washington Street, just across from the entrance to Main Street School, erected in 1908 and expanded in 1910. Pastor William Schoenfeld, Mission Board Chair, presided. The assembly was known as the Lutheran Mission.


In February 1917, the assembly relocated to a rented space at 182 Main Street and renamed itself the English Lutheran Chapel.


With success and dedication, inevitably comes growth and progress. The expanding mission congregation became financially self-supporting. In January 1920 it incorporated in New York State as The English Evangelical Lutheran Church of Our Saviour. The founders of this now flourishing ongoing concern adopted a constitution and by-laws with the firm resolution to purchase property and erect a building in which to assemble and worship.


One cannot expound upon the history of the Lutheran Church of Our Savior by not pointing out the great contributions of Theodore Henry Lamprecht (1858-1928), the son of German immigrants who came to America as did so many millions in the quest for religious freedom, among other ideals. A layman, his keen, steadfast leadership skills are emblematic of the towering figure he became in the national affairs of the Lutheran Church as well as the Port Washington Church that now stands at 12 Franklin Avenue today. In August 1920, Lamprecht purchased a 100 X 100-foot plot and donated it to the congregation with the stipulation that a building program begin immediately. And so, it did. On November 21, 1920, a cornerstone for the church was laid. On June 20, 1921, ground was broken for a parsonage next to the church with land again donated by Lamprecht. On April 13, 1925, Lamprecht offered a $10,000 challenge grant to construct a new and larger building. On August 9, 1925, a new church cornerstone was laid.


And so, it goes. The dedication of Sanctuary and Children’s Chapel. A pipe organ. An altar window. Stained glass windows. After World War II, the congregation continued in the tradition set by Lamprecht. In 1953, a Council Room and Pastor’s office was added.

Annexations and renovations continued. A success story indeed. The structure that stands in Port Washington today is hardly just brick and mortar though. It is the beautiful congregants that make up The Lutheran Church of our Savior. Their Sunday school programs, philanthropic enterprises, sports and theater outings are a testament to the rich and noble history that began in a small, rented space 106 years ago. With love in their hearts and a smile on their faces, they continue the dream under the current tutelage of Pastor Charles R. Vogeley.


Pastor Vogeley retired from the full-time ministry on November 1st, 2021. The Lutheran bishop has appointed an interim pastor who will shepherd the congregation through the process of calling a new permanent pastor.

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