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Mill Pond Model Yacht Club

by Kathryn Keiserman

The Mill Pond Model Yacht Club was founded in 1898 by four local men: Charles Dodge, John Erickson, Fred Farmer, and Harold McKee. The founders started the club by racing their own handmade model boats in Mill Pond. The location of the clubhouse was moved several times throughout the years before opening at its present location at the east end of the pond. 


The club was reorganized in the early 1930s by John Erickson, who was later elected Commodore and a life member. The club is still active, and races handmade model boats most weekends during the warm season. They have faced some environmental problems in recent years; Mill Pond has an issue with weed growth caused by runoff pollution. The problem has been exacerbated by the depth of the pond, which is significantly more shallow than it was in the early 20th century. 



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