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Cornwall Cemetery

by Kathryn Keiserman


The Cornwall Cemetery was a family burying ground in use from 1678-1870. It was established by English emigrant John Cornwall.  Cornwall was the largest landowner on the peninsula for a period in the late 17th century; he received a land grant from the English Administrator for North America, Governor Andros, in 1677 and purchased more land from the Matinecocks.


Cornwall sold his land to Captain John Sands in 1695, but the Cornwall family continued to inter members in the cemetery located in Soundview until 1870.  Although there were 32 total burials there, only 8 complete and partial headstones still stand. One notable internment is Hewlett Cornwell, who served in Colonel John Sands’ regiment during American Revolution. 


Cornwall Cemetery

Family Burying Ground

1676 – 1870


Town of North Hempstead

Marker Erected October 9, 1966


Village Landmark

Cornwall Cemetery

Designated May 16, 1982

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View from across the street

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