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Bay Bowl

by Christopher  Bain

Once upon a time, not too very long ago, Port Washington had its own bowling alley.  Target occupies the spot now, but in it's day, Bay Bowl thrived as people flocked to roll a heavy ball into a bunch of foot-tall pins.  And then there were the best french fries in town… 


This photograph is from the 1960's, and if you email us your memories of Bay Bowl, we might just add them to this page for the rest of our community to share.  Give it a try.  Share your thoughts by emailing them to us!


Memories of Bay Bowl:

Every year for several years in a row I had my birthday party, starting at Plandome Country Club and ending at Bay Bowl.. 10 or 12 of us  were all dressed to the nines from the Club and showed up at Bay Bowl with ties and proper dress, only to shed the ties and jackets and get dirty with the french fries and cokes....I remember one of my friends who will go unnamed bowling an 18 with what seemed to be 5 or 6 straight gutter balls as a result of our harassing of him...and it seemed like only yesterday we would show up in full snow attire only to disrobe and spend the afternoon at Bay Bowl out of our mother"s hair.  And parents thought nothing of dropping us kids off unattended and picking them up 2-3 hours later...imagine that would never happen!  Great memories of days that are gone, maybe forever…   ---Bill Gordon


I remember the bowling balls with the big yellow stars AND blowing all over the icy parking lot while waiting for my dad to pick me up. Also remember the yummy hot dogs & greasy french fries :)  ---Marla Freeman

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