Elizabeth Sands (a staged reading)


Hear her story for the first time in 240 years...


A World Premiere Staged Reading

Written and Directed by Sara Lyons

Presented by the Schreiber Drama Club
in partnership with the Cow Neck Peninsula Historical Society


Saturday, April 9th, 2016 at 7:30 pm


Schreiber High School Auditorium


Elizabeth tells the story of Elizabeth Jackson Sands, a notable Port Washington resident and American Revolutionary heroine. Set during the Revolutionary War, the play follows her in her roles and journeys as mother, wife, farmer and lead agent in an undercover munitions ring run from her Port Washington property, from the Battle of Brooklyn through to the turning point of the war. This play is the first time that her story will be told as more than just a footnote on her husband's illustrious career. 

Past Event!

Synopsis: When Caleb comes to the Sands home with news from her husband John, Elizabeth discovers that it isn't easy to be all things to all people. It was hard enough raising three kids on her own while John was away on business and military matters while also maintaining the farms they owned in Cow Neck and Massachusetts before, but now, she has to do all that and more under the noses of the Hessian soldiers occupying her town. With the help of her friends, family, contacts and slaves, she balances taking care of her family, raising her crops and cows, and running a contraband munitions smuggling ring out of her cellar and

backyard for the Continental Army. In the climax of her story, she and one of her slaves (named Mary in the play) dress up as old women and transport their whole horde of ammunition and gunpowder to John Sands's yacht and sail it across the harbor to meet George Washington in Long Island Sound and deliver the goods personally.

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