by Chris Bain

Who could forget Carvel?  On Port Boulevard, at the bottom of Bar Beach Road and Park Avenue, was one of our town's two great ice cream parlors (the other being Tastee Freez; both pre-Baskin Robbins).  

Did anyone you know work there?  I'd love to know who owned it, and any other information about when it was built, opened, or closed.  If you'd like to share any thoughts about your favorite Carvel treat, send them to us at and we'll post them right here within a day or so.  

My family always enjoyed stopping by on the way home from Jones Beach, though just about anytime was the right time for a brown bonnet, a sprinkle cone, a flying saucer, a chocolate/vanila twirl cone, a root beer float, or even a sundae.

The building is still there today, and houses the Bread & Butter convenience store with much the same lines. 

"How I remember Carvel!! And the last day of the season they'd give you 2 for 1 cones. I'd stop on my way home from Flower Hill, get those 2 cones, and try to eat both before they dripped all over the place. Brown Bonnets rule!"

- Marla Freeman

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