PW Blvd.

By Chris Bain

The 1960's are a part of our town's history, just as much as the coming of the Long Island Rail Road in 1898. For those of you who might remember living and shopping in Port Washington in the 1960's, I ask for the names of the stores on Port Washington Blvd., starting with Derian Cleaners.  Next door there was a hardware store, where my dad brought me almost every Saturday to get this or that, before Home Depot was a glimmer in anyone's eye.  And the hardware store's name was…   … Well we could make a game of this, so either read on or just look at the picture closely.  Some of the names of the stores just up the block are below, and your help is hereby solicited for any we’ve overlooked.! 

Yes, it was Cromwell Hardware, who later took over the Toy Store next door.  Hilltop Toys, to be specific, where kids shopped for birthday present, models and hobby supplies, balsa wood airplanes, and lots of things your allowance couldn't quite purchase. Then the Pamper Shop (send me a description or memory and I'll post it here).  Two shops are hidden behind the tree that I can't make out once of which might have been Joe Lerner's Card Shop.  Bilt-RIte… was this a shoe store?  Then an Art Gallery.  Then Vanity Fair (again, a description needed).  Some small store comes next, then Rogers, a large clothing store with the girls clothes on the ground floor and the boys clothes in the lower level (basement).  This was only one of two stores that had a downstairs on this strip, I believe.  Remember the other?  I think the Club House was next, and the last storefront in this photograph.  Or maybe it was The Card Shop.  Not sure where the bike store originally was… maybe behind the tree, or maybe further up near Weber's Bakery, the luncheonette, or the A&P Grocery Store (where Rite Aid is today).  Not so distant history.  Send us your memories and we'll share them here, and on our Facebook page.

This is relatively recent history, but our collective history just the same.  We're ensuring our future by preserving our past. Please join your town's historical society.  We would truly appreciate your support. 

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