Dodge history

Yes, this is the Dodge Homestead, 100 years ago.  There is a guy standing there with a bicycle, which was the most popular mode of transportation at the time, along with the horse, the buggy, and a few of those new fangled auto-mobiles.  

Originally, the Dodge lands extended from the Mill Pond all the way to Hempstead Harbor, including most of Harbor Acres.  There's a great article in a recent Journal, written by trustee Glen DeSalvo, detailing much of the Dodge family, which we’ll add to this page soon.

Take a look at the next shot, which we photographed last summer…

Not that much different, is it?  We still have the original out-house (a three seater!!!)… and now we have bees, tended by Ross, our bee-keeper.  And we still overlook the Mill Pond, where 7 generations of the Dodge family lived, worked, prayed, and raised their families while the little village of Port Washington grew up all around them.

Come visit us on Saturday, May 18th, from 1-5pm.  it's free!  We're having an open house, with live music, house tours, talks with our bee-keeper, iight refreshments, a few antiques for sale, and model boat racing just across the street.  Sit on our lawn chairs.  Buy some local honey or pressed-flower cards (made by Evie Fitzsimmons, our 96 year old trustee!).  

Consider the history of the town that you know (or are getting to know).  Come visit this National Historic Landmark right in your own backyard!  Put it on your calendar today, and please stop by.  

We're ensuring our future by preserving our past.  Join us, and slow down for a few minutes of your busy day!

The Cow Neck Peninsula Historical Society
336 Port Washington Blvd., Port Washington, NY 11050-4530
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